Minerva Foundation starting new Mentoring Programme March 2018.

If you are interested and need information please contact or phone +46 23 15911

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The Minerva Mentoring Programme
The Minerva Foundation’s quality assured mentoring programme takes today’s employees all the way to become tomorrow’s leaders.
“Minerva’s mentoring programme – increased efficiency from the very first meeting.”
Minerva’s next quality assured mentoring programme will commence during autumn 2015. You will find our brochure describing what is unique about the Minerva mentoring programme at You can also book a personal meeting and reserve a place on the programme. Welcome!

“The Minerva Foundation has extensive experience of mentoring programmes and a very high degree of competence and experience, which characterises the entire process. Their work is based on solid ethical values giving the programme a high degree of credibility in my view.”
Jörgen Fältsjö, Managing Director Kraftplan, one of Minerva’s experienced mentors.


One of the cornerstones of Minerva’s operations is the quality assured mentoring programme. Minerva has conducted mentoring programmes at regional, national and international levels since 1992. Target groups for the Minerva mentoring programmes are women and men wishing to develop their leadership role. The mentoring programme runs for one year and comprises many different elements. Take a look at the section on the mentoring programme in our brochure and read about the unique aspects of our programme. Contact us for information and a personal meeting.