Minerva’s mentoring school

The “Minerva mentoring school” project started in October 2002. Its overall objective is to provide Dalarna with professional mentors and to ensure that mentoring in general will contribute to increased growth. The project is funded by Nutek (the National Board for Industrial and Technical Development), the Dalarna County Administrative Board and the Minerva Foundation.

Most activities for the project period have now been decided.
Work will be grouped under three headings:
– Mentoring school – reference group
– Mentoring programme – mentor coaching
– Activities related to the project.

The mentoring school reference group consists of 10 mentors from Dalarna. They meet regularly and discuss questions such as, for example, the significance of mentoring for growth in the county, the most important qualities in a mentor, what support a good mentor needs, mentoring in relation to coaching, personality tests used as a tool for selecting mentors, etc.

Mentoring programmes are conducted as part of the mentoring school’s research activities. Here, new methods are tested to maximise quality in the mentoring programmes both for mentors and mentees. One stage, among others, in the process is special mentor coaching.

Activities pertaining to the project are carried out during its entire duration and consist partially of so-called open activities. These include networking, seminars and lectures. A survey carried out among mentors in Minerva’s pool of mentors and other well-known mentors in the county will map out what support is important in order to develop mentoring as a method.

Minerva hopes to be able to inspire more people to offer to act as mentors. An extensive network of mentors could contribute in many ways to increased knowledge on gender equality and diversity in the county.

If you would like to know more about Minerva’s mentoring school, please get in touch with Minerva’s office on 023-159 11 or by E-mail: info@minerva.nu.