Basic Values

The activities of the Minerva Foundation should be influenced by the views of both women and men on leadership and development in working life. Minerva also observes the holistic aspect ensuring that every individual has the right to a place of their own in working life, regardless of gender, age, ethnic background, disability or sexual orientation. The diversity existing in working life today must be preserved and utilised.


– to utilise and develop the competence of women and men in leading and/or developing activities
– to promote the participation of women in both working and public life
– to forge sound, lasting relationships with decision and opinion makers
– to co-ordinate initiatives and activities within the areas of leadership and development from the
perspective of diversity.


– to achieve better solutions by ensuring that questions are handled and elucidated by both women
and men
– to achieve better utilisation of resources, thereby increasing productivity and profitability
– to achieve a better working environment by ensuring that the workplace climate is characterised
by democracy and diversity.

Target group

Women and men in leading position and/or developing operations are Minerva’s main target group. In specific projects, the target group may be much larger