Knowledge centre

The Minerva Foundation is a regional knowledge centre for the development of ideas and competence for women and men in Dalarna.
Minerva started as a project in 1992 and the Minerva Foundation was founded three years later. The founders are based in large and small companies, in trades unions and political and public sector organisations.
The Minerva Foundation’s operations are characterised by unconventional work methods.

The mentoring programme

One of the cornerstones of Minerva’s operations is the quality assured mentoring programme. Minerva has conducted mentoring programmes at regional, national and international levels since 1992. Target groups for the Minerva mentoring programmes are women and men wishing to develop their leadership role. The mentoring programme runs for one year and comprises many different elements. Take a look at the section on the mentoring programme in our brochure and read about the unique aspects of our programme. Contact us for information and a personal meeting.


The Minerva Foundation is also a well-developed network for companies and individuals looking for various, different platforms in their development process. Please read our presentation in Linked In. The Minerva Foundation has also developed an extensive European network through all our projects conducted together with the EU.