The Women Return to Work project is funded for two years through Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships sharing expertise with partners from Sweden, Poland and Turkey. The main goal of the project is to prepare women of all ages (local, migrant, refugee and disabled) to return to employment or entrepreneurship after a period of economic inactivity by developing their key skills and competencies to improve labour mobility especially in rural areas where finding employment can more difficult by providing them with explore opportunities to create employment. The partners are:

Sweden: The Minerva Foundation set up since 1992 delivering leadership training and mentoring and engagement in EU projects. Marianne Lundberg is President and the co-ordinator to manage this project.

Poland: The Foundation Institute of Human Development established in 2014 as a NGO focusing on activities supporting education, including vocational training, and socio-economic development of rural areas. Grzegorz Kot is President and will manage the project in Poland along with Lidia Koziel-Siudut.

Turkey: KOMEK (Konya Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses) providing educational, occupational and skills training courses. Suleyman Kececi is the contact to manage the project in Turkey.

UK: The Rural Center, providing entreprenurship. Heather McLaughlin is the contact to manage the project in UK.

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The first transnational meeting was arranged in Falun Sweden December 2016.

The second transnational meeting was arranged in Northern Ireland May 2017.

The Minerva Foundation participated in the Erasmus + project’s second transnational meeting in Northern Ireland in May 2017. The aim was to get acquainted with The Rural Centers’ Big Networks and their successful business advisory work for female entrepreneurs. We also got to know several of Northern Ireland’s initiatives for jobseekers. It can be complementary to education, coaching, counseling in social matters. What impressed was the great commitment shown by regional actors, NGOs, associations and networks. Our host Heather from The Rural Center had collected parts of his large network for presentations on May 12 in Enniskillen. The experiences are now being transformed into the Erasmus + Women Return to Work project.

Newsletter from the partners: 

The third transnational meeting was held in Polen October 2017.

Projectteam together with Ms Beata Zelek speaker at the meeting in Krakow.

From Minerva Foundation: Marianne Lundberg & Kristina Nasenius.

Project administration meeting in Zbydniów headquater of Foundation Institute for Human Development

The President in Institute for Human Development Grzegorz Kot together with Mateusz Ploskonka Social Director in Krakow Municipality.

The Turkish project team from KOMEK in Konya Turkey.

The programme: 

Polish newsletter: