LEONARDO DA VINCI PROGRAMME – Managing Diversity – Best Practice for a new socio-economic millennium

“Diversity in Europe”

Project objectives
Contribute to the creation of a new socio-economic environment in the European Union towards the implementation of the proposed Agenda 2000. The project aims at creating the awareness in companies – public or private – of the economic and non-economic (social) benefits of developing a Diversity Culture in the organisation. Diversity policy tends to be inclusive of all the existing differences in employees – in the Human Capital – of the organisation creating a climate of equal opportunities. Diversity Management contemplates a broad spectrum of differences in gender, age, ethnic, languages, religion, disability, sexual preference and personal priorities. The goal is to create internal programmes tending to improve mutual understanding and leveraging all positive aspects of each individual in the organisation for their own satisfaction as well as for a higher efficiency in the results of the organisation.

Project activities
1. Create a guide for “Best Practices” for Diversity Management illustrated with cases from each of the project countries.

2. Create a training module for Upper Management to create awareness of the benefits of Diversity management from socio-economic point of view – and training the decision makers in setting up a model for the implementation of “Best Practices” in Management Diversity in their companies.

3. Pilot the training project in each country to a group of upper managers and decision-makers.

4. Evaluate the pilot through the plans that the beneficiaries attending the pilot have developed as a result of the training project.

Managing Diversity (Diversity in Europe) contributes effectively to the efficiency and economic results of an organisation through social oriented policies, which allow its Human Capital – Human Resources – to harmonise personal and professional life and to increase satisfaction in their contribution to corporate objectives. Creating a Best Practice Guide and a training module targeted to decision makers, will create the necessary awareness to influence more companies and public institutions in the European Union to implement diversity oriented programmes.

Project contractor
Minerva Foundation, Sweden
Kyrkbacksvägen 8, SE-791 33 Falun, Sweden
Phone: +46 23 159 11
Fax: +46 23 697 80

Project management
Mrs Margareta Eklund and Mrs Marianne Wallfelt

Project partners
CESA Experts, Spain
Rodrigues Ribeiro & Associados, Lda, Portugal
The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Denmark
Estonian Institute for Futures Studies, Estonia
Donne & Uomini Nelle Organizzazioni, Italy

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